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​ColorFalt® – polymer encapsulated pigments

​ColorFalt® is a high-quality pellet-form product for the colouring of asphalt with a number of advantages over powder pigments and C-types.


  • Completely dustless
  • More colour options
  • Increased colour development
  • Better flowability and dosage properties​
  • Enhanced stability for asphalt

ColorFalt® is available in more different colours than traditional asphalt pigments. It is possible to produce almost all RAL colours.

However, the most common, also kept in stock, are:​

ColorFalt® V

  • Red (Terracotta)
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Green
  • BLUE

The packaging of ColorFalt® is also practical.
The pellets are packed in 10 kg low-melt PE-bags, 1000 kg big bags or silo trucks for easy dosage.
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