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​Asphalt additives

At Nordic Color, we also market a variety of additives for asphalt. We have products that provide enhanced utilisation of recycled asphalt, products that meet special requirements as well as large loads over longer periods of time, and products developed for low-temperature asphalt.

RheoFalt LT-70 – For low-temperature asphalt

This product is a mono-modified FT wax. These waxes are often used in the asphalt industry. However, the wax types used will frequently have a melting point of 115°C, which is quite high for a low-temperature additive. The melting point for RheoFalt LT-70 is lower.

Why use RheoFalt LT-70?

A reduction in asphalt temperature of up to 70°C
By using LT-70, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 30%
Improves the processability of the asphalt mix
Enables asphalt transport over longer distances
30 to 40 percent better processability as compared to FT waxes
Improves asphalt stability

RheoFalt WKR-2

An outstanding asphalt modification product that is designed for use in asphalt that must be able to meet special requirements and large loads over a longer period of time. This was developed in recognition of the fact that standard bitumen has limited mechanical properties.

As Ventraco developed this product, it was important that it should be feasible to add the product in a standard batch mixer without any or with only a few adjustments. In addition, a regular asphalt team should, with only minimal directions, be able to work with the modified asphalt.

WKR-2, the very latest generation of the WKR products, consists of a mixture of EVA, waxes and antioxidants. It is still the only modification that is based on a mixture of polymers, and that can be added batch-wise.

Why WKR-2:

The only modification which contains a mixture of polymers

Rapid dispersion in the asphalt mix
Also contains antioxidants and adhesion promoters
Extreme adhesion on the aggregate, for enhanced durability
Both automatic and batch dosing is feasible
Can be reused in ordinary asphalt

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New – Super Green Mould Oil

Nordic Color has a new mould oil partner, which is the Dutch company Ecoratio that specialises in "green" mould oils for the concrete industry.

These environmentally friendly mould oils are both highly effective and completely harmless to nature as well as the people who work with them.


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