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Concrete elements

​The list below features the most common options within the field of additives for concrete elements. There are many more, so please call or write us in case you are interested in other elements.

REBAflow 305 (FM)

Latest-generation within high-performance plasticising agent. Used for Finishes class F3 to F6 and for the production of easy to use concrete and SCC.


  • High early and final strengths
  • Surfaces almost free of air voids

Acceptance: EN 934-2: T3.1/3.2

REBAflow 306 (FM)

High-grade plasticising agent. Used for Finishes class F3 to F6 in the production of concrete elements and ready-mixed concrete.


  • High final strength
  • Stabilising effect
  • Very long machining times

Acceptance: EN 934-2:T3.1/3.2

REBAlit (LP)

Air admixture for concrete products, concrete elements and ready-mixed concrete


  • Makes micro air voids
  • Improves frost-thaw resistance

Acceptance: EN 934-2: T5

REBAmix 750 (BV)

Plasticising agent for concrete elements , ready-mixed concrete and admixture for Finishes class F1, F2 and F3.


  • Cement reduction
  • Emollient
  • Easier concrete workability
  • Fly ash is feasible

Acceptance: EN 934-2:T2


High performance concrete plasticising agent for, e.g. cement reduction in both front and rear concrete as well as mixtures for Finishes class F1 and F2.

  • For cement reduction
  • Easier machinability of the concrete and better facilitator for making the concrete compact
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Improves final compact strength
Acceptance: EN 934-2:T2

REBA-Beschleuniger K (BE) (Accelerator)

An accelerator for use in e.g. concrete products and concrete elements.

  • Reduces setting time
  • Increases early strength
  • Protects the concrete against frost attack


High performance concrete plasticising agent for use front/rear concrete, concrete elements as well as for Finishes class F1, F2 and F3


  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Improves the strength of shared cement ratio
  • For cement reduction
  • Reduces water absorption

Acceptance: EN 934-2: T2

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CLEAN R - for a cleaner and healthier environment

CLEAN R is a patented 2-component solution for neutralizing NOx particles in the air and at the same time add enhanced properties to the concrete surfaces such as e.g. paving stones or tiles.


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