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Business Associates

Take a look at our business associates listed below.

At Nordic Color, we are proud of our cooperative connections with major European businesses – several of which have won prizes for their innovative products. They are all market leaders within their respective fields.

The following is a brief description of our business associates.


LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of $ 9.7 billion. EUR in 2017 and around 19,200 employees in 25 countries. The company is currently represented in 73 production sites worldwide.

LANXESS's core business is the development, manufacture and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. LANXESS is listed in the leading sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World and Europe) and FTSE4Good.

​Nordic Color cooperates with LANXESS on the sale and distribution of color pigments of the brand BAYFERROX® in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Contec Fiber

Contec Fiber has extensive know-how about the use of synthetic fibers dating back to the 70s, but the company has changed ownership and name since that time, but without the company's know-how being lost.

In the beginning, fibers were only used to optimize the shrinkage behavior of the concrete, but the technology has been further improved over the years. The fibers available today are able to either reduce or completely replace the conventional reinforcement, always based on static calculations according to the latest standards and regulations.

​Philosophy: Use of high quality synthetic fibers for general cost savings and CO2 reduction. Nordic Color sells all Contec Fiber's products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Creates colors for many different purposes and has done so for 110 years. Right from the start, Scholz has focused on meeting the demands of even the most challenging customers by offering new, high quality, innovative products. In short, Scholz products include colors for everything. We sell all Scholz products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Architects Paper

Founded in 2008 as a Premium brand by Europe's largest wallpaper maker, Creation Tapeten AG. Architects Paper develops innovative and exclusive wall solutions specifically aimed at architects. Many times they have won awards for their unique wall solutions that are ideal for example. hotels, administration buildings, lobbies, shops, healthcare and restaurants. We sell all Architects Paper products in Denmark.


Is supplier to the concrete industry for products as liquid colors for concrete and produces a wide range of concrete additives. These can e.g. cause a sharp reduction in lime blooms, cement reduction, increase the concrete strength, processability and resistance to frost, etc.

​In addition, we also have a product range within concrete care this is products such as impregnation, protection and cleaning.

Nordic Color sells all REMEI and BPB products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Is one of the world's leading suppliers of elastic mats, molds and liquid rubber. They have experience and competence in all aspects of structural and architectural design of concrete. In Reckli's main catalog, there are more than 200 standard designs.


Is one of the world's absolute leaders in dyeing asphalt. Millions of tons of asphalt have been dyed over the years with ventraco's special high quality dyeing pigments. In addition, ventraco develops various additives for asphalt. Fabrics that ensure that more old asphalt can be recycled as new asphalt. We sell all Brugg Contec products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Ooms is a Dutch company that builds roads, produces asphalt, and bitumen.

The most interesting in relation to Nordic Color, however, is their very innovative production of Clear and Bright bitumen to make colored asphalt. Their products Seloflex and Bitucolor are clear and Bright bitumen in liquid form, modified and not modified respectively. There are many different variants to suit most conditions.

Nordic Color sells all OOMS products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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CLEAN R - for a cleaner and healthier environment

CLEAN R is a patented 2-component solution for neutralizing NOx particles in the air and at the same time add enhanced properties to the concrete surfaces such as e.g. paving stones or tiles.


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