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Are polypropylene fibers that are being used as a strong addition or as an alternative to steel mesh or steel fibers in concrete.

They can be used in many different applications but are primarily used in industrial floors to prevent cracking and shrinkage.

At Nordic Color we sell 2 types of Polypropylene macrofibres.

For both fiber types, calculations/conversions from steel to macrofibres can be obtained.

Both are packaged as polypocks as standard in 3 kg water-soluble bags so that you can easily dose them in the factory mixer, on the belt or directly in the back of the concrete trucks. All methods work fine with good mixing in the concrete.

Read more about the individual fibers below in the data sheets.

​Information for calculating PP fiber quantity in concrete slaps and floors for den engleske version.

Wiking® 4050 TR 48 mm polypocks

Kratos Macro PP 54+

For more information about our fibers go to the Danish fibres web page:

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New – Super Green Mould Oil

Nordic Color has a new mould oil partner, which is the Dutch company Ecoratio that specialises in "green" mould oils for the concrete industry.

These environmentally friendly mould oils are both highly effective and completely harmless to nature as well as the people who work with them.


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