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​COLORTHERM® pigments from LANXESS are inorganic pigments that are particularly suitable for the colouring of plastics. In general, pigments for the colouring of plastics must meet high technical standards, regardless of whether it is plastic films, profiles or fibres that are subjected to colouring.

Owing to short production times and the relatively low shear stress of the machinery, the pigments need good dispersing properties in order to swiftly reach the final colour intensity. They must have high heat resistance and be adequately light-and weather-resistant.

The reference colour chart below shows the colour options within the range of COLORTHERM® pigments.

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New – Super Green Mould Oil

Nordic Color has a new mould oil partner, which is the Dutch company Ecoratio that specialises in "green" mould oils for the concrete industry.

These environmentally friendly mould oils are both highly effective and completely harmless to nature as well as the people who work with them.


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