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Fibrofor Microfibre

​For many years, the award winning microfibre, Fibrofor High Grade, has been successfully used, all over the world.

Fibrofor High Grade fibre concrete provides good opportunities for reducing or completely replacing steel in agricultural areas, industrial floors and underground car parks, etc.

1 kg Fibrofor High Grade per m3 of concrete will usually be sufficient to achieve optimum reinforcement of the concrete.

The use of concrete, with incorporated Fibrofor High Grade will not only mean considerable cost savings by way of a reduction in the consumption of steel, transport and man hours, as this product will also enhance concrete properties in a number of areas, see below 

  • A reduction in shrinkage cracks of up to 85%
  • A maximisation of the concrete's early load and wear resistance
  • A reduction in the depth of water penetration by 25%
  • A maximisation of the concrete’s mechanical elongation strength
  • A maximisation of tensile resistance and energy by up to 240%
  • A maximisation of the concrete’s bending strength by up to 28%
  • The concrete obtains strength at a faster rate
  • Sulphate resistant
  • Increased fire Resistance

​In addition to the above technical advantages, Fibrofor high grade has a number of other advantages in comparison with fibres steel fibres:

  • More spectacular surface: Permits sanding and smoothing without this leaving any marks
    ​(nothing will stick up from the floor such as e.g. steel fibres and macrofibres)
  • Joint-cutting will not entail similar problems as encountered in e.g. steel fibres
  • Can be used where there is animal husbandry, as they present no harm to animals
  • Abrasion resistance for larger surfaces, as the fibres lie just beneath the entire surface

By now, we have been in charge of many fine Danish reference projects - in collaboration with for instance NCC, SJ Gulve and DK Beton. The list below features a few reference projects from abroad.

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CLEAN R - for a cleaner and healthier environment

CLEAN R is a patented 2-component solution for neutralizing NOx particles in the air and at the same time add enhanced properties to the concrete surfaces such as e.g. paving stones or tiles.


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