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​Concrix Macrofibre

​The award-winning synthetic macrofibre, Concrix, is a two-component fiber with enhanced strength and better bonding in the concrete than usually seen in other fibre types.

The benefits of application of Concrix vary and will depend on the individual project. Some of the benefits of various applications are outlined below.

The concrete component industry

Because of its very substantial strength, Concrix is particularly well-suited for concrete panels. However, the product also has a number of other advantages:

  • High tensile strength and excellent qualities in relation to shrinkage cracks
  • Reduction in or substitution of the reinforcement normally required to limit crack width
  • Time-consuming installation of steel can be eliminated or significantly reduced
  • No peeling – Concrix strengthens even the finest of edges
  • Feasibility of fine elements and free forms
  • Resistant to aggressive liquids and corrosion
  • Easy handling owing to the low weight of Concrix

Examples of Concrix projects:

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