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Sealoflex ​Clear bitumen

Clear bitumen is used in the production of coloured asphalt in any other colour than red. However, the red tint will be considerably more bright red, when produced with clear bitumen. Recently we added a ”brand new” product to our assortment, namely the ”Bright” bitumen, which will make all colours even brighter in asphalt.

At Nordic Color, we market the clear bitumen in several varieties: in the traditional liquid form, delivered by tank truck, but also in various solid forms, delivered in barrels or heat-dissolvable bags.

Clear bitumen in liquid form

SealoflexColor and Bitucolor are clear and bright bitumen products in liquid form that is provided in modified and non-modified form, respectively. There are many different varieties to accommodate most circumstances. These products are provided in approximately 25-tonne batches that are delivered by tanker truck - either heated or non-heated, depending on circumstances. A selection of product types:

  • SealoflexColor 90 (70/100)
  • SealoflexColor 90 (50/70)
  • SealoflexColor 90 (35/50)
  • Sealoflex Color 45A
  • BituColor (70/100)
  • BituColor (50/70)
  • BituColor (35/50)
  • BituColor (20/30)
  • BituColor 5
  • Sealoflex Color Bright​

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CLEAN R - for a cleaner and healthier environment

CLEAN R is a patented 2-component solution for neutralizing NOx particles in the air and at the same time add enhanced properties to the concrete surfaces such as e.g. paving stones or tiles.


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