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Diamond Macrofibre

Nordic Color recently introduced a new fibre, the Fibrofor Diamond, to the Danish market.

Fibrofor Diamond is a high-performance mono fibre intended as primary concrete reinforcement. The geometry of the product and its exceptionally high number of fibres provide excellent three-dimensional reinforcement.

This fibre is particularly well suited for concrete floors subjected to substantial stress loads, or concrete floors laid on thicker layers of ”soft” insulation. The fibre provides excellent conditions for the optimal post-processing of floors, since the after treatment will remove the fibers from sticking out the floor, without leaving the traces you sometimes see with other fibers.

The normal dosing, which is determined by means of a static calculation, is about 2-3 kg per m3 of concrete - depending on application and specifications.

Advantages of using Diamond fibres

  • Cost reduction by eliminating steel reinforcement
  • Installation time for steel can be eliminated
  • Significant reduction in shrinkage cracks
  • Facilitates any type of surface treatment (no protruding fibres)
  • Increased longevity since synthetic materials will not corrode.
  • Resistant to salt and aggressive liquids
  • Simple and easy handling.
  • Structural calculation in accordance with Eurocode is free of charge

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